About Pagan Cornwall

Why are we here?
We read that Paganism is the third largest faith community in Cornwall.

As such it is represented by organisations like the Pagan Federation, and the Inter-Faith group Dorkemmyn who serve a valuable purpose on a local and national level. 

From our experience, however, there are large numbers of Pagan's in Cornwall who are either not involved in these organisations, or feel in some way that their personal ethos does not match that of the PF or other groups.

Where Solitary practitioners are concerned finding support -  emotional, personal and developmental - can be a challenge.

Cornwall is unique in terms of its geography and culture. The 'pellar tradition' is still strong and advocates of this path maintain their own links within their groups and do have a lot to teach us if they choose.

The same is true of those walking the Heathen (both Theistic and Atheistic); the Druidic (OBOD, BOD and other groups); Shamanic and Earth Magick paths.

There is room for sharing and collaboration but this is sometimes stiffled and overrun with egotism and dogma. 

We want to be different - to ensure that we can have a meaningful dialogue; share concerns and meet prejudice inside and outside of the pagan path.

We have three key ambitions..

1) To develop a mutually supportive and open commuinuty of Pagans  living in Cornwall

2) To provide information to the community (both the Pagan and non-Pagan) which will counter ignorance and so fear and prejudice.

3) To develop a network of appropriately trained volunteers who can work with those who have been disempowered by the questionable leadership of some within the Pagan Community.

In other words ...


“A spiritual organization with a hierarchical structure can convey only the consciousness of estrangement, regardless of what teachings or deep inspirations are at its root.The structure itself reinforces the idea that some people are inherently more worthy than others.” 
Starhawk makes a super point in the sense that Leadership within an organisation is sometimes perceived as heirarchy rather than service.

The leaders of any group are there to serve those who have elected them - and importantly to facillitate the development and empowerment of those members.

The Pagan and Magickal associations, as well as the formal religious structures they often decry, have a history of schism, petty jealousies and dogmatic implementation of one system (tradition) over another.

This is a history we want to subvert; a habit we want to break.

One member at a time we seel to enrich our collectiive experience by connecting, supporting, listening and sharing.


If you want to JOIN US then get in touch - We'd love you to help us build a mutually supportive, local community